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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Savvy Woman Guide is not for women only

The Savvy Woman's Guide to Owning A HomeBy Kitty WernerISBN 0-9710356-0-1Paperback, $14.95Home reference, 253 Reviewed by Linda ReynoldsHave you ever suspected there were things you should be doing tomaintain your home, but you didn't know exactly what they were?All that and more is covered in this book. Major componentsinclude preparing for a move, becoming familiar with your newhome's basic systems, seasonal and yearly maintenance chores,safety issues and preparing for emergencies, responsiblecommunity membership, and remodeling or building on to your home.

To-do lists help you zero in on what needs to be done, andthere's a list of the basic tools that every homeowner shouldkeep handy. The simplest maintenance chores are explained whileonline and print resources are recommended for more informationabout complex matters. The events of September 11th made thechapters on planning and preparing for fires, natural disasters,and other catastrophic emergencies disturbingly relevant.Reading this book is like getting advice from an experiencedfriend; the casual, first-person narrative is no more technicalthan it needs to be, and Werner shares personal stories, somehumorous, to illustrate her points.The guide is full of valuable information for men and womenalike. Even if you've owned your home for years, you may findthings you didn't know before but will wish you had. It wouldmake a great gift for anyone you know preparing to buy a firsthome.About the Reviewer:Linda Reynolds is a freelance writer in addition to her duties asFamily Entertainment editor at Busy Parents Online MagazineClick Here!

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