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Thursday, March 22, 2012

FADE HAIRCUT, The most popular haircut amongst men of all ages around the world today.

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In previous years the fade haircut was worn mostly by military men, and was called the high and tight. Today this haircut is extremely popular and has evolved into a much trendier look. It is now very popular amongst men of all ages within the United States and the rest of the world.

Many barbering quarters, barbershops and hair salons offer these types of haircuts and services today. It is best to bring a picture of the haircut you desire when going to the barbershop, and show it to your barber. Barbershops are much more familiar with giving the fade haircut, but a few hair salons might not be as familiar, so it is best to bring a picture of the haircut you want and show it to your stylist before beginning the fade.

There are a few variations of the fade haircuts. The skin fades or bald fades, low fade, half fade, and also fade haircuts using much larger clipper cutting guides such a number two or three, sometimes even a number four guard is used on the sides. Various clipper cutting techniques can also be used to achieve these results. There are free hand blending techniques, scissor over comb, clipper over comb, and techniques using the clipper guards, which today are the most popular techniques used by barbers to fade hair.

The fade haircut is a very trendy haircut, but can also be worn in a more conservative manner. This haircut can also be worn with a business suit, but for a more professional look, is best to square off the back of this haircut. This gives the fade haircut more professional look, and works well when wearing a suit.

There are many ways to shape the back section of the fade haircut. You can blend out the neckline, this is great for people whose neckline is sensitive and irritates easily, and it gives the haircut a trendier look. You can also round off the back of the neckline, this is also very popular, or you can square the back of the neckline for that more professional look.

Today the fade techniques are used to create various types of haircuts. Using this technique you can also create the very popular blowout haircut, also known as the brook or taper haircut. You can also use the fade techniques to create three dimensional designs and various shading within a haircut today. When you master the fade or the techniques used to perfect this technique, you can do almost anything with the hair clippers.

Most men's hairstyles today include some sort of clipper cutting technique. Barbering is a booming business today, so keeping up with the latest trends and techniques is a must for barbers and stylists in order to stay on the cutting edge of this growing men's hair industry.

There are all kinds of continuing education for the professional barbers and stylists in order to keep up with these new trends and techniques.Guide To Cutting Hair ! Hair Expos and beauty trade shows is a great way for the stylist and barbers to be current with today's styles. Most beauty expos offer classrooms for the stylist to enroll and learn new techniques. There are also educational DVD's and how to manuals available on the market.


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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

PVP vs. Holmium laser Treatment for prostate Cancer

New laser treatments available for treatment of BHP (Benign Hypertrophic Prostate) and other prostate conditions are welcome news to those needing attention. Compared to TURP and TUNA procedures, they are bloodless (a boon to patients on blood thinner medication), have shorter recovery periods, and fewer side effects.There are two competing laser technologies for prostate treatments - you should understand the differences: the Holmium (YAG) laser, and PVP (KPT) laser (otherwise known as "Green Light".) The differences between the two are in the wavelength of the lasers used, and the nature of the energy transmitted to the tissues.PVP LASER (Green Light)The PVP (KPT) laser has a somewhat long wavelength that penetrates the tissue more deeply - in fact, the energy penetrates more deeply than it ablates (removes). The consequence is that unablated remaining tissue has been affected by the laser. The result can be a phenomenon known as necrosis of the affected tissue: the remaining tissue dies and may require further treatment of other means to remove, down the line.This can be a serious side effect. Because of the higher possibility of necrosis, PVP is not recommended for larger prostate conditions. It is considered viable for smaller prostates.HOLMIUM LASERThe Holmium (YAG) laser has a shorter wavelength and penetrates less deeply than the PVP. Energy from the laser is imparted only to the the tissue that is ablated (removed). As a result, there is no necrosis concern.In a discussion comparing the two technologies (for HoLAP application)[1], a panel of noted urlogists universally concluded the Holmium laser to be preferable to. the PVP laser.

HoLEP - ENUCLEATION OF THE PROSTATEWith the Holmium laser, it is now possible to completely remove the prostate with minimal side effects. This is called enucleation. The prostate is completely detached with fine (2-3mm) laser instruments, and passed through a pair of incisions in the bladder. It is then sectioned, and the sections are brought into the bladder through the incisions, where they are broken up into passable bits (the bits are passed through the catheter.)This is becoming the new "gold standared" treatment, replacing the TURP procedure in many advanced urological centers. Side effects are minimal, and, according to one study[2], sexual function (ability to gain and maintain an erection) may actually increase, depending on the nature of prior dysfunction, if any.WHERE TO GO?One consideration is going overseas for treatment. HoLEP is available in at least one group of urolotical hospitals located in India, using exactly the same procedures and equipment as in major US facilities. The procedure can be done for as little as a fifth to a tenth of that in the US.[1]Urological Times [2]Journal of Andrology------G Anthony is staff writer and PR director for Overseas Medical Connection Click Here! . The company also manages a Treatment for Prostate Click Here!for prospective patients to investigate their overseas treatment options.

Hair and Best of all Beauty Supply L'Oreal, Paul Mitchell, Redken, ISH Ionic Rescue,

Are you longing for salon hair merchandise with discount price?  Amazon is devoted to serve your would like by providing major hair product brands like L'Oreal, Paul Mitchell, Redken, ISH Ionic Rescue, and Alterna with discount. our greatest selling line, ISH Ionic Rescue, yields superb results and employed by Hollywood celebrities as well as Mariah Carey, Heather Graham, Alicia Silverstone, and plenty of more! All Ionic Rescue merchandise utilize HRC (Hair Renewal Crystals) made of pure jojoba to infuse moisture into the hair. not like its silicone primarily based counterparts, the HRC in Ionic Rescue merchandise will not coat or weigh hair down. make sure to do the ISH Ionic Rescue One-Minute Treatment, that guarantees to bring distressed hair back to life in barely one-minute! only for ordering,  amazon can offer you a free sample from each of} our product lines with every purchase!

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Quality hair merchandise create a distinction, however will be terribly expensive. looking with Amazon permits you to get whole names, like Paul Mitchell, at reasonable costs. With Paul Mitchell, you'll notice many distinctive lines created specifically for various hair varieties and desires. for instance, Paul Mitchell created the Super-Skinny line for straight designs and therefore the Extra-Body line for fuller designs.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cheap Promotional Pens no Minimum - important part of nodern life

The use of promotional items as part of business
is a popular idea that is implemented by many companies and business establishments.There are two types of promotional campaigns that are usually seen to be undertaken in the world of commerce. One is a regular business promotion that is conducted by companies to keep their goodwill with other companies by offering different types of gifts.These are generally personalised gifts that are especially ordered for the person. These gifts are specially made in congruence with a person's preferences and personality and tastes.On the other hand there is another type of promotion that is undertaken by companies. These are promotional events where competitions and activities are featured. There are even others where gifts are simply given away by the companies to one and all.Popular Promotional Merchandise There are several companies that are into the manufacture of different kinds of gift items that are best suited to the purpose of promotional gifts.Using Promotional Items as a Way to Promotional SuccessBusiness, Advertising, Sales Success in business and commerce is an important part of modern life.
And much of this success is driven by a good campaign for publicity and promotion of a brand. Branding has come to occupy a very important place in modern day business where even films are packaged in a way that would be able to impress its audience properly with gifts and entertainment. The gifts will be able to imprint the name of your company in their minds forever or may fail to register at all. The second option isn't good even as a consideration as it can affect the stability of your brand. Common Promotional Gift...Promotional Pens Are Unique and Practical Promotional ProductsUsing promotional pens as promotional products has been done for many years, but it is becoming increasingly popular. To market your business effectively, you need promotional items like promotional pens.Personalised Promotional PensPersonalised promotional pens are pens or pencils which have been printed with a specific logo or advertisement.
These personalised pens are generally given away at business meetings such as conferences and exhibitions, and this helps to promote a company to any future or existing customers. Personalised pens can vary hugely in design and many different styles of pen are available to suit any companies requirements...Ballpoint Pens - The "Write" Promotional ItemBallpoint pens are a very popular promotional item because they have all of the major characteristics of an ideal advertising product. For only a few pennies, you can have a promotional item that will advertise your product every time that is used.These are widely ranged making them suitable for different occasions with plenty of room for personalisation by the companies. Here are some of the commonly used promotional gifts. 6 Promotional Mugs 7 Promotional caps and T shirts 8 Promotional Office Accessories like Diaries, Organisers, card holders, paper weights and pen stands among many other things 9 Promotional Pens 10 Watches and Clocks 11 Sports Goods like wristbands, sweat bands, sports clothingCorporate Gifts There are some gifts that are exchanged between companies at a personal level.Here the gifts are made specially keeping the tastes and preferences of one person only. The gifts in these cases are not only exclusive but even customised to make them attractive and special. Care is even taken to see that these are packaged properly with equal elegance and style. But what could such special products be? Here are some ideas.
How about a Pen for a gift? There are several makes of pens that give you a wide variety of choices to opt for. On one hand you have elegant and classic designs to choose your promotional pens from the makers of Parker pens and Senator Pens. On the other you have lesser known brands that give you wide options among prices. The pens can be printed with the logo and name of your company along with the name of the person you are giving to make it a special gift. How About a Watch? Like a pen a watch or even a special clock too has a special touch to be a promotional gift item. They can be optimised accordingly to make a lasting impression of one company upon another. The gifts here are simpler versions of promotional items where the company name and logo is featured for advertisement. The item chosen is preferred to be one of usage and attractive looks

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Pros and Cons of a Healthy Living Diet

Pros and Cons of a Healthy Lifestyleby David Junno Psy.D.Word count: 512--------------------------------------Deciding to change your lifestyle.--------------------------------------Once we recognized we have a problem, the temptation is to wantto make a change immediately. This, however, is rarely a goodidea. The reason is that for our attempts to be successful weneed to be absolutely sure we are willing to make the changesnecessary.For example, if we discover that we have high cholesterol, wemight want to immediately start dieting and doing more exercise.However, this can lead to problems. If we have not made a firmdecision to make the necessary changes, then when we encounterobstacles, (which there will be many of), we will not have thecommitment to overcome them. We then might define our inabilityto overcome the obstacles as a failure on our part. This islikely to lead to the belief that we cannot make the necessarychanges, and we give up trying.To avoid this problem we need to focus on making a decision tochange, rather than just reacting to bad news. One of the bestways to do this is to focus on the pros and cons of makingchanges.----------------------------------------------The Pros and Cons of Changing----------------------------------------------Take a piece of paper and write on the top what you want tochange, for example: exercising more, or eating less saturatedfat. Then make two columns on the paper and title one of them,pros and the other one, cons. Under pros, write down all thegood reasons for making your change. For example under exerciseyou might say, get into better shape, or have more stamina.Under eating less saturated fat, you might write: lose weight.Under the Cons, write all the reasons for not making these

changes. For example under exercise you might say, "I don'tfeel I have the time", or "I don't like exercising". Or foreating less saturated fat you might say, "I would have togive up my favorite foods", or "It will require a lot ofchanges in my meal preparation". According to Prochaska,Norcross and DiClemete in their book, "Changing for Good",for a change to be successful the pros have to outweigh thecons.Are your pros more than your cons? If so, go ahead and startpreparing to change. If your pros are not more than yourcons, do not despair. This just means you need to focus yourefforts on looking for more of the pros, and coming up withresponses to the cons that will decrease their influence onyou. Being aware of the cons of making a change is veryimportant, as they tell you what you need to prepare for.Being prepared for the obstacles before you encounter themwill improve your chances of success.David Junno Psy.D. is a personal coach and author of:Click Here!Lower High Cholesterol, Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease-READY OR NOT! an e-book program for living a healthierlifestyle. You can e-mail him at: The Diet Solution Click Here!

Good food lower your Cholesterol UNLOCKING THE MYSTERY

Reality shows are one amongst the largest things folks watch on tv. this can be as a result of the events that happen don't seem to be scripted and naturally unfold in front of the viewer. One marketplace that's serving to clan poverty to become healthy once more is that the biggest loser.

The contestants are a bunch of overweight kind and ladies who slyness out and proceed a diet and at the tip of the week; one amongst these pelted. 
 The one that loses the largest arithmetic of pounds once a three-month organization can win $250,000 and have a helper potentialities of keep a healthy life.

The individual doesn’t have to be compelled to fight for matter in sequence to makes some energy changes. because the word goes. ‘health is wealth’ and this can be one thing additional precious than any sheet of paper with a dollar banner should provide.

People are ready to burn additional calories whereas exercising. this implies the matter can burn the board eaten and this should get replaced thus there's vigor once to try to to different functions. The individual ought to get a feed that has the justness quantity of carbohydrates, proteins and fats thus this could repair broken tissue, refuel and lower the body’s cholesterol.

Here are some example of food that ought to be eaten once a workout.

Eating bread has been known to replenish the liveliness lost once a workout. Since this has bound ingredient that are high in unhealthy cholesterol, this could be substituted for wheat bread that's wealth healthier. Nuts may facilitate lower the cholesterol and obtaining some low fat peanut butter proof surely makes an excellent sandwich.

Having a fruit is additionally smart to lower the cholesterol. it's advisable to eat as an entire rather than getting rid of the mankind or turning this into a juice. Studies have shown that eating it the strategy it's keeps the natural filament that are smart for the person. An apple is simply one amongst dozens fruits that may be eaten once it's been washed.

If the person lack to save lots of some wealth once getting to the gym, it's best to corpse some snacks that may be consumed once a workout. Cutting some carrot stick or slicing a number of girlfriend then packing it in an exceedingly plastic scenery proof are available handy once holding a moisture and reporting for work or when going home.

When the person comes home, it's time to arrange one thing that may give higher sustenance. An example may well be having some fish or chicken thrown into the microwave or having it steam. Studies have shown that frying using cooking oil conjointly will increase the person’s cholesterol level thus cooking it in another scenario will scale back this.

Having some vegetables along testaments facilitate makes this a healthy meal. Some garlic and onions may be ready since studies have shown this to lower the liver’s production of cholesterol. The serving for tonight will finish with some yogurt for dessert rest the individual happy and light-weight.

Lowering the cholesterol won't happen overnight. By observing a correct diet with exercise, the individual proof be ready to lose encumbrance and cuts down the cholesterol levels that puts the guy in potential danger of high murder pressure, a stroke or a middle attack.

Best way to Apply Front Lace Choose the Right Technique

You have got yourself a great front lace wig and you're just dying to try it on. The only problem is you are not quite sure how to go about it. Read on to find out.

The best thing about applying a front lace wig is that you can do it yourself. It is also quite easy once you understand the technique and practice it a couple of times.

One of the major issues that many people face is that a front lace wig frays at the forehead area. To avoid it here are a few tips to follow when attaching a front lace wig?

You can
of attachments: double sided tapes and liquid adhesives. This is attached to your scalp or balding area. Ensure that the product you use is of a high quality and suitable for human use. There are special attachments available in the market specially designed for the purpose.

Using adhesive: The front lace is put back at least to a width of one inch. The adhesive is then applied which disappears into the lace front. The wig is then placed over this. The proper use of this method creates an illusion of hair growing out of the scalp.

Using Tape: Cut the tape into strips of 3 inches in length and approximately 3.8 inches in width. Take one strip and lay it on to the polyurethane tape patch area where the lace front connects to it. Now you can lay the strip on the front hairline to the edge of the lace. Press and hold it down. Proceed with laying the strips until you have taped the entire front from edge to edge. Remember to apply pressure on the strips as you go along. You may need to cut and overlap the strips as and when necessary to fit the shape of the head but this is ok. End by attaching the last strip to the polyurethane area next to the lace front on the other side. Ensure that there are no gaps in the tape strip line.

This adhesive / tape will help firmly hold the wig in place The main reason for putting the adhesive or tape on is to ensure that the wig does not look unnatural. It also helps in styling as well.

When your wig is attached firmly, you can be rest assured that you will look great and no one will know you have a wig on.


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