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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Buying a Jacuzzi Hot Tub - Key questions to ask

When buying a Jacuzzi Hot Tub there are many points to consider and this article sets out some of those to take into account:-

What acrylic is used in the shell?

Most Spas look great in a showroom but you have to ask the question as to how the spa will actually look in a few months and in deed in a few years and for that reason you will want to consider the material used in the shell.

Is it proper branded acrylic Lucite or Quaarite. Just merely being told that it is US acrylic is not sufficient for the savvy buyer. Lucite-Xtra ™ cast acrylic is a non porous material that is stain resistant to the build up of lotions and oils which can harm non acrylic spas. This tough material retains its shine and colour despite sanitizing chemicals, high temperatures and exposure to sunlight.

How is the Shell made and how is it strengthened

Ask how the shell is made and formed and are the manufacturing processes used environmentally friendly. For example is a layer of ABS plastic used to re-inforce the strength of the shell. ABS is a class of plastics based on acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymers and has a very high mechanical and impact strength. This construction procedures or environmentally friendly and much more efficient than using fibre glass as backing to the shell.

Manifold Plumbing

Manifold plumbing is designed to balance the water pressure distribution and reduce the number of plumbing joints to maximize water flow.


Obviously you need to know about the manufacturers guarantee and I would expect some thing on the following lines:

Shell - The Shell to be warranted against water leakage caused by a defect in the material for ten years from the date of the original purchase.

Plumbing - Spa Plumbing ,fittings pipes drains and fixtures are warranted against leaks for five years from the date of the original purchase.

Pumps - The Spa pump and pump motor for two years from the date of the original purchase.


Are the Jets are adjustable. If you have a tub where none of the Jets are adjustable then you are clearly buying a spa from the bottom of the range and one that is really useless to provide you a pleasant massage effect.


Where are the pumps made are they proper Western American or European pumps as pumps made in China and the East are much less reliable than their western counterparts.


Has it got a proper bottom sealed from the elements or has it just got that cheap steel frame. These Hot Tubs are the cheapest of the cheap no bottom so the elements can get in let alone some small animals like termites' and even worse those beasties that chew through electric cables after all they do it to ignition leads on cars and plant.

Does it have proper planned and thought out insulation particularly consider the sides of the Hot Tub. Many with no bottom and the steel frame just have wooden sides with no insulation. Again just a cheap import.

Does it have fully foamed and by that I mean that you cant see the pipes in the Jacuzzi. I expect the shell to be foamed but that the pipes etc are fully accessible and not hidden with in loads of foam because if they are it is more or less impossible to find a leak and fully foamed spas in my view (and that of many others in the Hot Tub industry) are hiding that the shell is not properly strong enough as they are using the foam to help provide strength to the shell.

Ozone water purification

Is the Ozone sanitizer injected directly into the spas water line and then distributed into in the spa's main body of water. You should hundreds of fine oxygen particles shooting into the bottom of the spa rather than just a small stream of water into the spa as you see on some cheap eastern imports.

These are some of the features to consider and is not to be exhaustive but to give some general guidelines.

As in all things it pays to buy from a long established manufacturer and there is that saying if you buy cheap you probably end up buying twice.


The author Jacuzzi John (JJ) supplies premium quality American & European Hot Tubs from Estepona on the Costa Del Sol in Spain and his web site is at Marbella Hot Tubs !

Natural Herbs for Rheumatoid Arthritis you Can count on

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a serious autoimmune illness affecting the joints and bones and other organ systems of the body. Damage to tissues results when the immune system mistakes the body's own tissue as foreign and attacks them. Free radicals are part of the cascade of effects that cause inflammation and eventually can destroy joints. While there are excellent prescription medications used to successfully treat RA, many people prefer to use an all natural approach or to supplement the standard therapies.

Many herbs have been identified as having usefulness in treating the symptoms of RA and many are antioxidants and anti-inflammatory in nature. We will look at some of these herbs and discuss their use in RA holistic care. Even though herbs and supplements may be all natural, they still can be potent and may also interact with prescription medications. An RA patient should always discuss the matter with their health care provider before adding or subtracting anything in their treatment plan, natural or otherwise. It is a mistake to assume that herbs are automatically safe and free of side effects.

Among the herbs identified as helpful in RA are: Angelica, Bogbean, Borage oil, Boswellia, Bromelain (from pineapple), Cat's claw (Also called Devil's claw), Chaparral, Evening primrose oil, Feverfew, Galangal, Ginger, Cayenne creams and lotions, Curcurmin (from turmeric), Pokeweed roots, Alfalfa, Gotu kola, Honeysuckle, Hops, Licorice, Lingum vitae, White poplar, Linseed, Morinda, Mustard, Oregano, Sarsaparilla, Sesame seed oil, Stinging nettles, Wild Yam, Black cohosh, Celery, Willow, Wintergreen, Yucca.

And this list, long as it is, is just part of the herbal formulary often used to control the problems associated with RA! In fact, one old remedy for "rheumatism" which was the catch-all term for all joint pain and aches was willow bark tea. Willow bark contains salicylates, compounds related to aspirin and to several current pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory drugs. There is no question that this could have been helpful for RA sufferers.

Cat's claw or Devil's claw is another old and often used remedy. It is normally used in a dose of 250 mg of a standard extract taken twice a day. One small study has been done showing relief of RA symptoms when compared to a placebo. Cat's claw must be taken with food and cannot be taken by women who are pregnant or who could become pregnant. Upset stomach is the most commonly reported side effect, but is lessened when taken with food. Cat's claw has anti-inflammatory properties.

A widely used compound for topical pain relief is a cream compounded from cayenne pepper extracts. This reduces pain and inflammation by stimulating circulation in the area of a painful joint and is also useful for osteoarthritis. A user must be careful to wash hands carefully since the cream can burn the eyes and mucous membranes. It's also important to note that hot packs and heating pads should not be used over areas covered with cayenne products. Many people also use this product to treat the pain from a previous case of shingles effectively. It is available without prescription.

Curcurmin is a product extracted from the yellow spice turmeric that is being studied for several medical purposes including RA pain and stiffness. Widely used in curries, turmeric is also used as it is for RA and other uses. Curcurmin has both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Antioxidants help to fight the free radicals that play a part in joint destruction in advanced rheumatoid arthritis.

An Indian herb called Boswellia has also been shown to decrease inflammation in the body. It is taken in a dose of 150 mg three times a day. While it would take a book to list every dose and herb used for RA symptoms, it is easy to see how big a choice there is for natural products. The resources given below are a great introduction to the use of herbs in RA, and the Arthritis Foundation has published a book that is a guide to herbal therapies.


For more information visit the websites:
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Common Symptoms for Rheumatoid Arthritis
Templar Arthritis Arthritis Rheumatoid

The Skinny on Stretch Marks their Cellulite

Is cellulite keeping you from wearing those sexy shorts or that mini-skirt? Do you refrain from wearing swimsuits, for fear your cellulite will shine through?

Cellulite is a great frustration for many women. Out of desperation, many ladies turn to quick fixes such as creams, lotion, and potions that promise slimmer thighs in a matter of days.

Before you can eliminate the cellulite problem, you first have to identify what exactly it is.

Cellulite is a mass collection of fat deposits and toxins compacted beneath the skin, which has not been eliminated by the body.

Women are usually victims of this unsightly orange-peel and cottage cheese bulge can be on your arms, stomach, hips, thighs, buttocks, and other areas. Men can even have cellulite and it's usually located on their neck and stomach area.

So does that mean only those individuals overweight get cellulite? Not necessarily. Slim women and those in their ideal weight range can still develop this unsightly condition. While having excess weight will be a contributing factor for cellulite, it's not the resulting cause.

Fancy-smanchy cellulite creams on the market may help smooth the cellulite appearance temporarily, usually 8-24 hours, but these creams do not get to the source of the problem to get rid of cellulite.

Some Cellulite Busting Tactics

While banishing cellulite is not a one-shot approach, you can still have some success in diminishing it. Don't expect to be cellulite-free in a matter of days. You didn't develop the condition overnight and therefore it's going to take some time to reverse the problem.

Drink Up Drinking

Water is a great way to get your body working properly. Ninety percent of the people walking around are dehydrated. A dehydrated body cannot function as nature intended.

Water aids in digestion, circulations, flushing fat and toxins out, and usually the single most missing element in most people's diet.

Balanced Diet

Many people still have the no-fat mentality. Natural fat is absolutely essential for a healthy diet, mind, and body. Natural fat does not cause or contribute to cellulite. Natural fat is responsible for nutrient transportation and absorption, building hormones, and a whole host of other great functions. Trans fat is the enemy. Stay away from man-made fat if you want to beat cellulite.


No doubt, exercise is beneficial for getting rid of cellulite, as it increases circulation and builds lean muscle tissue. You should include both aerobic (cardiovascular) and anaerobic (resistance training) exercise into your daily life.


Detoxing your body can greatly help in the cellulite battle. You'd be absolutely amazed at the garbage that's trapped inside your cells and lodged in your fat stores. A good detox should include organic foods and filtered water. Avoid processed foods, colas, smoking and alcohol.

These are just a few of the basics to getting a step ahead of the cellulite game. If you are consistent and keep a healthy lifestyle, you can kick cellulite in its dimples and never have it return.


Karen Sessions has been in the fitness industry since 1988. She is a nationally qualified bodybuilder and holds two personal training certifications. She has written 6 ebooks on fitness and has helped hundreds of clients transform their bodie.The Skinny on Cellulite Click Here!

Why Should Men Use a Men Facial Cleanser

Beauty care and personal care products are no longer the domain of only women. Men have also discovered the benefits and there are good reasons why.

If it's something as men you have never thought about, as in using a men's facial cleanser then you might just be missing out on keeping your skin in tip top condition. Many more of us are now interested in keeping in shape and looking after our bodies by eating the right diets and doing some exercise.

So it should follow that paying attention to the condition of our facial skin should also fall under the spotlight, and be included in our daily care routine.
I've been doing so recently and thought I would share my knowledge of why you should use a men's facial cleanser and one in particular.

As I choose to eat a lot of healthy things I try to apply that to the other things I buy, so the personal care products need to have as large a proportion of natural ingredients or extracts, as even they have to processed in some small way to be made into a cleanser.

The main reason for using one is to help my body remove any toxins from the skin, and the face is important to me because it's the one part of my body that I see more of during the day than other parts.

But, don't get me wrong, I'm not one of these vain types that checks himself out every five minutes by looking into the mirror. It's just that when you get up and go to bed for example, you do see your face in the bathroom mirror and maybe think that you look a bit rough around the edges!

That daily damage that we sustain is from the environment we live in, which for most of us is within a city where air pollution, and the stresses of working or traveling can take their toll on us.

So with all that in mind I know I 'm getting a good treatment if I choose a men's facial cleanser that has an impressive ingredients list that gives a quality result. My search yielded one such product which is called a deep active cleansing mask, suitable for all skin types and climates.

Now I'm hooked I know I'm using something that has been formulated for men and even my wife has remarked on how much softer and more youthful my face feels.

Peter Foremski is content Editor of Facial Cleanser ! an informational website that uncovers the best products for better looking skin, using just naturally derived ingredients.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Thai Food: Mee Ka Ti and Choo Chee Pla Recipe

Mee Ka Ti (Rice Vermicelli with Coconut Cream)


                                                                                   Ingredients Weight
Mee Ka Ti sauce 1250 g
Soaked rice vermicelli 750 g
Bean sprouts 200 g
Chinese chives cut 1.5 inches 40 g
Coconut milk 200 g

Note: This portion is for 6-8 servings.


1. Pour coconut milk into a frying pan. When boiled, put the rice vermicelli and stir-fry it for a while.
2. Pour in half of Mee Ka Ti sauce and stir-fry until the water has reduced away.
3. Sprinkle bean sprouts and Chinese chives. Stir-fry for a while and then remove from the heat.
4. Top Mee Ka Ti with the rest of sauce.
5. Sprinkle with sliced omelet and sliced chili spur pepper (option).
6. Serve with vegetables such as banana blossom, Chinese chives and bean sprouts etc.


Sauce Ingredient
Ingredients Weight
Chili Paste
Sliced shallots 100 g
White fermented 100 g
Chopped cilantro root 10 g
Pepper 3 g
Dried chilies 2 g
Minced pork 100 g
Minced prawn 150 g
Sliced tofu 100 g
Palm sugar 140 g
Tamarind juice 80 g
Salt 13 g
Coconut milk 350 g
Water 250 g

Note: The sauce portion will be 1250 grams


1. Blend the mixture of chili paste ingredients and some coconut cream until smooth.
2. Stir-fry the paste at a low heat. Then add prawn, pork and tofu. Stir-fry until the ingredients are cooked.
3. Add sugar, salt and tamarind juice.
4. Pour water, and the rest of the coconut milk. Simmer the sauce for a while and then remove from the heat.


Choo Chee Pla (Curry Cooked Fish)


Ingredients Weight
Choo Chee sauce 200 g
Sliced fish fillets 150 g
Shredded red spur chilies 2 g
Shredded kaffir lime leaves 1 g


1. Heat Choo Chee sauce until boiled in a pan. Add fish fillets and bring to boil.
2. Turn the fish over. Wait until the fish is cooked and looks soaked.
3. Serve on a plate and sprinkle with shredded red chilies and kaffir lime


Choo Chee Pla Sauce Ingredients

Chili Paste
Sliced shallots 35 g
Garlic 30 g
Dried chilies 10 g
Dried hot chilies 2 g
Lemon grass 10 g
Galangal 4 g
Cilantro root 5 g
Kaffir lime rind 2 g
Salt 4 g
Pepper 1 g
Shrimp paste 8 g

Coconut milk 550 g
Water 380 g
Fish sauce 25 g
Palm sugar 20 g
Shredded kaffir lime leaves 4 g

Note: This recipe makes 830 grams of sauce.


1. Pound the chili paste ingredients finely.
2. Stir-fry the chili paste with some of the coconut milk until fragrant. Gradually add 2/3 of coconut milk.
3. Add fish sauce and palm sugar, allow to melt.
4. Add the rest of the coconut milk and water. Bring to the boil and then sprinkle the shredded kaffir lime leaves. Remove from the heat.

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Intermittent Fasting Tips: 7 Ways to Combat Hunger

Intermittent fasting - not eating for 16-36 hours a few times a week - is a safe, effective way to lose fat and improve health overall.

The wonderful thing is that after fasting several times, hunger greatly diminishes on your fasting days, often disappearing completely.

But if hunger is ever bothersome for you, particularly if you're new to intermittent fasting and going through the adaptation period, here are 7 tips that can help:

1. Try to avoid eating a high carbohydrate meal or snack right before you start your fast. Some people find that a high carb meal/snack stimulates hunger shortly afterward making it more challenging to continue with the fast. A meal/snack that emphasizes protein is a better choice.

2. Keep busy. The more you do things that distract you from thinking about food, the better. Many people eat when they are bored or because they are conditioned to eat based on what time it is, so if that describes you, be aware of it and try to do something that interests you so you won't be swayed by old habits and conditioning.

3. Remind yourself that your body doesn't actually NEED food to function during a short-term fast. You are not in danger. Energy will be drawn from food that is still digesting during the the first part of your fast. When that runs out, energy will come from the fat stores on your body. No matter what size you are, you usually have enough fat reserves to safely draw from during a short-term fast.

4. Remind yourself that your body has been trained to expect food at certain times and in certain situations, so hunger may rev up at those times during the fast. Again, you don't NEED to eat, your body is just telling you that it 'expects' food. This will change the more you do intermittent fasting - the body will stop it's non-emergency grumbling.

5. Keep hydrated. Have your favorite non-calorie drinks on hand (water, black coffee, green tea, herbal tea, sugar free soda, etc)

6. Sip on drinks that contain caffeine (coffee, tea, sugar free cola) because caffeine helps to suppress appetite. It's important to consume the drinks slowly, over the course of the day, because if you take in too much caffeine in a short period you will probably have a dramatic energy drop later on which can stimulate appetite.

7. Exercise. It's very safe to exercise on a fasting day. If it's intense exercise (a sprint, for example) it will usually kill appetite for a while.

Sometimes people feel light-headed or get headaches when they're trying intermittent fasting the first few times. This isn't due to blood sugar dropping too low - that's a myth that studies and intermittent fasting enthusiasts have disproven countless times.

The feeling is likely because the body is burning it's own fat for fuel, which it rarely has to do when you're eating frequently and drawing on food for fuel. You may find that a brief burst of exercise works very well to combat this, giving you a nice boost in energy - the opposite of what you'd expect!


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Do Celebrities Always Endorse The Best Whey Protein Supplement?

When you go shopping for a good protein supplement at your local nutrition store, you often see your favorite celebrity fitness experts and body builders with their faces and names all over designer whey protein supplements. The question needs to be asked, however, whether or not these are in fact good products. Could these celebrities just be doing it for the money? Of course they are. Just because a celebrity is on a product, that doesn't mean that product is the best. So don't listen to marketing schemes and think for yourself. Better yet, do your own research to determine what supplement is the best whey protein supplement. You will likely find the best whey protein supplement doesn't have any celebrity endorsements at all.

Celebrity Body Builders

When you go into your local nutrition store and you see your favorite celebrity body builder with his face and name all over what he claims to be the best whey protein supplement, you will probably assume that he uses that product. It's funny though that oftentimes, after doing your own research, you find that the body builder in fact uses a completely different product. They just put their faces and names on this supposedly best whey protein supplement because they are paid very handsomely to do so. You would only find this out by doing your own research.

Do Your Own Research

Be careful when doing your own research to try and find the best whey protein supplement because many review pages are actually paid advertisements. The same goes for magazines as well. Sometimes you'll pick up a fitness magazine and you'll see comparison reviews of several different protein supplements on the market and one product always wins. Then you find out the makers of that supplement actually produce the magazine. That's very clever advertising, isn't it? Well, don't fall for it. Do your own research to find the best whey protein supplement. The truth is, however, that many supplements are great supplements but it's the taste that often sets them apart. So the best may be relative. What's the best for one person may not be the best for another.

When you do find a protein supplement you like, however, and you determine it to be the best whey protein supplement for your needs, you'll be much more likely to use it as often as you need to in order to get the results you want.Article courtesy ofBest Protein Supplements !

How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back If She Has A Boyfriend – My 5 Top Tips

If you want to know how to get your ex girlfriend back if she has a boyfriend then you're in for a treat! Many men have been through this scenario so first of all don't think that you're alone. Now as other men have been through this predicament before they have already made all the mistakes, which means you don't have to!
But please don't panic, keep focused and lets really examine your next steps as they are extremely crucial. Heck its the difference between getting your ex girlfriend back if she has a boyfriend or not! Here are my 5 top tips to get your ex girlfriend back the right way.

#1 Begging Is For Beggars Your Not!
If you think that going on your knees is an option then you really need to think again. This is not a worthy choice as this doesn't examine the reasons that she left you in the first place. Nor does it "speak" to her emotional side as begging can only really show your insecurities about yourself and that you need her to reassure you. Even if this is true it is not the right avenue to go down to get your ex girlfriend back.

#2 Act Like A Real Man
Keep your actions under your own control, ensure that your decisive over yourself at this time and above all show confidence, even if you're not! You see being in a state of passive aggressiveness will only make things worse. You need to show her that you're happy for her regardless of the situation as this shows maturity. But also show her what she missing out on, the responsible, assuring, certain and secure you that she once had. Top Tip: *Make it seem as if you are moving on with your life, even if you aren't*

#3 Friends Is Better Than Enemies
Staying friends is one of the key aspects of getting your ex back if she has a boyfriend. The crucial aspect her is that by staying friends you keep the metaphoric door of opportunity open. Honour your friendship, even if you feel as if you're getting close to her. If you stay true to your word, at least for a small amount of time, you will show her that you mean what you say and you are in control of your life now. Then when the time and circumstances are right make your "get my girlfriend back" move!

#4 The Rebound Boyfriend
9 times out of 10 the boyfriend that your ex girlfriend has is a rebound boyfriend, which isn't a "proper" boyfriend at all. You see girls do this for many reasons the main one being exactly the reason why they never last; They are just "rebounds" meaning that they have let all their usual affection based guards down and let the first "stranger in" for closure purposes mostly. If you think about it, it actually makes sense. Wouldn't you do the same, find some quick fix girl to show your ex that you are no longer interested? These types of relationships almost certainly never last so just "bite your lip" and wait.

#5 Be A Busy Bee
This is ones a peach! Anything that you have always wanted to do, or have been thinking about doing for some time go out and do it. I remember when i tried to get my ex girlfriend back when she had a boyfriend and i decided to keep busy. I started going to the gym, i joined a football club, i started learning Spanish, i got a new hair cut, heck i even started collecting comics, anything to keep my mind occupied and me busy. You see if you're keeping yourself busy she will wonder why you haven't been contacting her and curiosity will get the better of her eventually. Then when she calls (and she will call) and you're "coincidentally" busy she be intrigued with your current lifestyle. Think she will call back - Yep, think she be interested in what you're doing - Yep - Think you'll get her back - We'll see. By following these steps your chance will increase substantially.

Now obviously every relationship is different so you will have to deviate and adapt certain parts of these steps, but no-one knows your ex girlfriend better than you anyway so ensure that you don't "over do" or "under do" any of these steps. Take it slow and remember that time really does heal. Do some thinking about why you actually broke up in the first place, adapt, adjust and re-identify yourself and ensure that when you do get back together you talk through your problems together, in your preferred way, making sure that these have been resolved properly.

I've realized that this issue is very important and somewhat crucial to a lot of men so i have created the ultimate package that takes you step by step through every aspect of how to get your ex girlfriend back after she has a boyfriend. Click here to discover the ultimate solution instantly.

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Friday, December 9, 2011

How to Get rid of Skunk Smell on do

One of the hardest smells to get rid of is a skunk smell from the spray of a skunk. The smell is awful and can last for days and sometimes weeks depending on what got sprayed. If your dog gets sprayed it could take many days for the stench to dissipate.

The main key to removing skunk odor is speed. The quicker you wash what has been sprayed the better chance you have to remove the odor. When it comes to clothes and throw carpets you will want to get those in the washer as soon as possible, using a product to help remove odor and stains may help along with you regular laundry detergent. When a pet gets sprayed there are several home remedies that may work, the key is get the animal bathed as quickly as possible. When you find you are the one that has been sprayed get to the shower as fast as you can. Isolating the pet, person or item that has been sprayed is important in keeping the odor from spreading throughout your home. When you are using homemade remedies you have found or that have been recommended to you and they are not working you may want to try skunk odor removing products that are available to you.

When you find that the skunk odor has penetrated your carpet you may want to go rent that shampoo machine from the local grocery store. There are numerous products out there that will also clear up the skunk smell from your carpet and scent as well. When you already have to clean your carpets making sure your furniture is order free is easier with the carpet shampoo machine as well. Take the extra time to make sure all you can clean with these products is done so that your home is odor free.

Having to smell a skunk is bad enough let alone getting sprayed by one. When you know what to do and what your options are you will be prepared to eliminate skunk odor as quickly as possible. Home remedies may be a good solution to get rid of the skunk smell, on your and your pets. Keeping away from the skunks may not be easy but with all the information and products you need cleaning up after you have been sprayed may be a little easier.

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What Are dry eyes Signs and Symptoms

This article examines the problems associated with dry eyes.

Some people just suffer with mild inconvenience on waking up in the morning and finding their eyelids are stuck together, but for others it can cause acute discomfort which can last all day.

In order to determine possible causes and treatment it is necessary to have an understanding of how the surface of the eyes function.

Eyes are dependent upon tears to keep them constantly moist and lubricated to maintain comfort and vision.

Tears consist of water to keep the eye surface moist, oils for essential lubrication, mucus to allow the tears to spread evenly over the surface and antibodies together with certain proteins that resist and fight infection.

Glands around the eye secrete these complex tears and if there is a dysfunction then the symptoms of dry eyes will appear.

It is difficult to understand why when you have tears pouring down your face that the cause could be a symptom of dry eyes.

In this case the tears will consist almost entirely of water and lacking the necessary components to lubricate the eye surface.

One of the symptoms of dry eyes, strangely enough, is having excessive tears, but this is a signal sent to the brain that the eyes are not having enough lubrication.

All these excessive tears are capable of is washing away some wastes from the eye surrounds and without the oils and mucus they do not coat and moisturize the eye effectively.

Apart from excessive watering, other symptoms of dry eyes are pain, in and around the eyes, a sensitivity to light, grittiness in the eye, itching, redness, or blurry vision. Causes of dry eyes

sensitivity air conditioning or other dry air environments hay fever and other allergies natural aging processes menopause side effects from certain medications a number of diseases and problems with the structure of the eyes.

A severe dry eye reaction in the eyes is one of the symptoms of Sjogren's syndrome and is mostly accompanied by an excessively dry mouth.

Diagnosis is difficult in spite of being a very common disease among adults.

Although there is no cure, relief through regular medication is obtainable.

Dry eye syndrome cannot be cured but artificial teardrops and lubricating ointments can relieve the symptoms but it is important to keep to regular applications even if your eyes feel fine.

Eyes can dry out while you sleep so remember to apply a lubricant at bedtime.

Your eye specialist can prescribe medication to help or will advise surgery which can include the temporary or permanent blocking of the ducts.

If you find that the discomfort from sticky eyelids on waking and excessive tears is increasing accompanied by a dry mouth then be persistent with your medical advisor, ask for a referral to a specialist.

Sjogren's syndrome could be the cause but it is difficult to diagnose.


Other articles on the health of your eyes can be found at Click Here!

Unique Custom Walking canes

Even if you don't need a walking cane for assistance you can still go around in style. Some people get custom walking canes made just to look stylish. Soon it will be a top accessory for any mans outfit. These stylish canes add character and charisma to a mans personality.

A custom acrylic cane can add style to any type of look. If you have a special event coming up or if you just want the right cane that tells who you are you can find it in the choice you have in custom walking canes. Included in the choice of custom canes you have is a offset handled glowing cane, that's right, this clear cane has a small light attached to it to make it glowing. Though it is experimental it is certainly original and may be one you add to add just the right custom touch to your look.

Maybe you have a favorite sports team or school team you can create your own cane to support your team. There are crazy custom canes that allow you to customize your cane to your teams color specifications. You can create any look you want with custom walking canes. Many people choose clear acrylic canes and then create their own customized look themselves with colored tape, ribbon, etc. There is no limit to the wide array of styles you can modify your cane into.

There are also tube canes, tube canes will give you the flexibility to decorate your cane anyway you want, however these canes are purely for fashion they cannot hold much weight. You may want a tube cane if you are going to a special occasion or for different seasons. The tube cane bottom opens and you can fill the tube cane with whatever you want to create your customized look. The tube cane can fit objects the size of a penny so your creativity can run wild, just remember these canes do not hold much weight. So create your own custom walking cane for just the right look.

Many of us have our favorite movies characters and some of those characters have used custom walking canes in some of there movies. Some people even try to mimic one of there favorite t.v. characters. There are a variety of acrylic canes that provide you with options to customize your look anyway you want. From the color twist cane to the martial arts clear fighting and training cane you can certainly find custom walking canes to create and customize the look you want for everyday or any occasion.


Mike Brown
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Savvy Woman Guide is not for women only

The Savvy Woman's Guide to Owning A HomeBy Kitty WernerISBN 0-9710356-0-1Paperback, $14.95Home reference, 253 Reviewed by Linda ReynoldsHave you ever suspected there were things you should be doing tomaintain your home, but you didn't know exactly what they were?All that and more is covered in this book. Major componentsinclude preparing for a move, becoming familiar with your newhome's basic systems, seasonal and yearly maintenance chores,safety issues and preparing for emergencies, responsiblecommunity membership, and remodeling or building on to your home.

To-do lists help you zero in on what needs to be done, andthere's a list of the basic tools that every homeowner shouldkeep handy. The simplest maintenance chores are explained whileonline and print resources are recommended for more informationabout complex matters. The events of September 11th made thechapters on planning and preparing for fires, natural disasters,and other catastrophic emergencies disturbingly relevant.Reading this book is like getting advice from an experiencedfriend; the casual, first-person narrative is no more technicalthan it needs to be, and Werner shares personal stories, somehumorous, to illustrate her points.The guide is full of valuable information for men and womenalike. Even if you've owned your home for years, you may findthings you didn't know before but will wish you had. It wouldmake a great gift for anyone you know preparing to buy a firsthome.About the Reviewer:Linda Reynolds is a freelance writer in addition to her duties asFamily Entertainment editor at Busy Parents Online MagazineClick Here!

Apple Cider Vinegar – a natural, organic path to clear skin

Furthermore, being 100% natural, with many organic brands available, it is suitable for those who want to avoid using harsh, man-made acne skin care products. Apple cider vinegar can become the core of an acne skin care regimen. For best results, it should be used orally and topically.

Why does drinking apple cider vinegar improve the skin?

When ingested, apple cider vinegar can help to detoxify the liver, keeping it strong and helping it to function fully. As anyone who has down the slightest research on beating acne knows, liver health is essential for a clear, glowing complexion. The skin is an organ just like any other. If the liver is forced to deal with too many toxins, it may excrete them through the skin, resulting in bacterial overload and eventually, acne. Therefore, poor liver function can result in acne. Apple cider vinegar can help keep the liver strong, thereby improving breakdown of toxins without excreting them through the skin. Apple cider vinegar can also improve the digestion. Being acidic, it can help to stimulate and regulate production of stomach acid, which is important for breaking down food particles and absorbing nutrients. This will provide a further aid to the skin.

How can applying apple cider vinegar topically improve the skin?

Applying apple cider vinegar topically to the skin surface can help to improve acne and also to reduce facial redness. It can also reduce the amount of sebum or oil on the skin's surface. One of the advantages of using apple cider vinegar is that it can improve the complexion as well as clearing up acne.

At first, it is best to dilute the vinegar to a 10% solution. This can then be dabbed on the skin using cotton pads up to three times daily. It may be wise to test the solution on a small part of unnoticeable skin in order to determine its suitability for your skin type. The concentration of vinegar solution can gradually be increased as the skin becomes accustomed to the vinegar.

There are some negatives to using apple cider vinegar. Firstly, it has a very strong and bitter taste. To combat this, try mixing it with fruit juice or chasing it with honey. Furthermore, as with any acid, it can damage the tooth enamel. Drinking through a straw will minimise the contact it has with the teeth. Should cider vinegar fail to work, professional products like Acnexus can also be beneficial.Discover more natural.

acne skin care

acne skin care
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Amazon avocado oil - many benefits

Colon cleansing is an ancient biological need and benefits. Awareness substantial benefits to health produced by an enema of success has led to major advances in the procedure. What was once an elitist procedure and embarrassing at times, is now a minimally invasive procedure and it is accepted that can improve the overall physical and mental health of the patient.

The first record of a washing procedure has been dated to 1500 BC The Egyptians described the use of emetics, purgatives, enemas, diuretics, and diaphoretic in detail so that the reader wonders how long the cleaning process has evolved. Undoubtedly, the Egyptians were ahead of their time, since the descriptions include the use of suppositories, recipes, spells, poultices, plasters, hemlock, castor oil, opium and even useful in the process of colon cleansing.
A look at the ancient tribes of Central Amazon, African tribes and even in remote sections of Asia reveals the administration of enemas by tribal religious leaders. In fact, enemas are an important part of Taoist training programs and the latest in Indian education programs.
The founding fathers of Western medicine, Hippocrates, Galen and Paracelsus all described, practiced and requires the use of colon cleansing procedures. Robert Bentley and Henry Trimen describes the use of enemas and herbs in his book of medicinal plants in 1880.
In the U.S., colon cleansing is still a cumbersome procedure required, but in the 20th century. At the end of the century, patients, doctors and health insurers have begun to recognize the benefits of colon cleansing.
However, the colon is an organ of the body formidable. The typical colon is about five feet long and about 2.5 centimeters in diameter. The colon is the end of the human digestive tract or large intestine, whose function is to conserve water in the body and remove waste from the body. According to the physical configuration of the individual, the colon can contain from 10 to 25 pounds of fecal matter.
With everything you need to release the substance, the use of enemas and colonic irrigation can help the many-body systems affected by poor bowel mechanics. Often, the operation of the colon is the victim of conservative lifestyle, poor diet, alcohol or drugs.
Cleansing colon hydrotherapy can prevent the disease by destroying anaerobic microorganisms. Hot water used in this treatment calms the nervous system, while the enema remove parasites. Colon hydrotherapy properly implemented can eliminate up to 30 pounds of dried fecal matter. The results of stimulation of the immune system and restore proper pH balance in the body.
Enim organic coffee is a way to cleanse the colon and detoxify the liver. Organic coffee is concentrated, especially lightly toasted grain with their level of caffeine is a good enema is very stimulating for the colon, while calming the nervous system.
Wheatgrass enema using the juice of wheat grass to stimulate the liver to perform. The nutrients in wheatgrass hemerrhoidal in the vein of the liver and circulate. Wheat grass juice add oxygen and energy to the body.
Other solutions catnip enema, aloe, lemon juice, garlic, spirulina and a variety of implants herbal enemas.
The steps involved in receiving and an enema are:
- Choose a comfortable position that allows access to the anus.
- Lubricate the anus
- Allow the years to receive the tube
- Relax as administrator becomes the flow
- Stay relaxed as possible and allow the enema to flow as deep as possible in the intestine
- When the stomach expands, hold the washing up as long as possible before discharge
At the end of the washing, the receiver may feel a sense of relief and euphoria. After a short break, cleaning should bring immediate benefits to health. After all, why humanity has been to improve enema procedure is the main source of information and advice on the benefits of having a.Amazon avocado oil

procedure. Live a healthier filling and more. Visit online today.

Hair Salon Marketing plan Tips That Will Grow Your Business

You've heard it before when it comes to hair salon marketing - it's the little things that make the biggest difference. It doesn't matter if we're talking about your college degree, your marriage, or your hair salon services. Let's look at what really drives new clients to your business and how your hair salon marketing can grow your business.

Too often, the owner of a hair salon is far too busy focusing in the business rather than focusing on the business. What does this mean? It means that you should not be spending your days in the salon doing the "day to day" tasks, but rather you should be focusing on the long-term tasks like hair salon marketing that can reward you with a much higher payoff and over the long term.

To be successful you must create a hair salon marketing plan and you must use it. It really is that simple. Studies show that when it comes to hair salon marketing, those with a marketing plan will on average see a 30% higher sales volume that those that do not. How do you put together that marketing plan? Glad you asked.

1. First, study your salon and why clients choose to buy from your hair salon.

2. Document those reasons.

3. Create your message based on the results from #1.

4. Now break your marketing plan into segments like advertising plan, online marketing plan, newsletter plan, and even referral marketing plan.

5. Review your plan at least every two weeks and if at all possible once a week.

If you invest the necessary time to create a marketing "System" for your business, you will eliminate waste, duplication, lost sales, and chaos. System is an acronym for Save, Yourself, Stress, Time, Energy, and Money.

In almost all businesses including your hair salon 80% of your revenue will come from 20% of your clients. That means you need to do something outstanding with your hair salon marketing campaign and you should consider focusing that campaign on customers, you already have in an effort to improve that 80/20 ratio. Consider using newsletters, discount cards, or direct mail outs to encourage your current client base to return more often.

After you put so much effort into your hair salon marketing plan don't just assume it's working. You should test and track the marketing you implement as you go, after all you don't' want to be wasting money on marketing that isn't working. You will also want to analyze your profits from your hair salon marketing campaign. It's how you'll know what really works, what should stay, and what should go.


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