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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Is Sunlight Really Bad for You


Is exercise bad for your health? Is water or healthy food bad for your health? An excess of these can kill you, but they are good for you. If your skin is pale and you lay in the sun all day at the equator, you will get third degree burns and will have to be hospitalized. Studies show that sunlight gives you a non-toxic form of vitamin D. Your body can store this pre-vitamin D from sunlight hitting your skin. Vitamin D in foods and supplements is toxic and too much of it causes death by liver failure.

Because of this the body will try to get rid of any excess. With this form of vitamin D, the body is able to change it into the D that the body needs. They know that below the 42 degree latitude, you can get vitamin D from the sun all year round but above that you cannot. At the latitude of Boston, MA, there are 3 months of the year that your body cannot get any vitamin D from the sunlight there.

A study in England showed that the highest rate of skin cancer was among people who were under fluorescent light all day and were never in the sunlight. Some things like smoking causes wrinkles but sunlight does not do this. So if you do things that cause it and sunbathe, your skin will age faster than normal. When you sweat, the toxins in your body that cause cancer and wrinkles will sweat out onto the skin. These toxins are left on your skin after the water evaporates. So make sure to wash them off your skin after sweating a lot.

According to studies, sulight prevents cancer and the vitamin D from it is good for the immune system and bone density. Depression can be caused by lack of sunlight. Is there a motivation for people to say that sunlight is bad for you? Money. Sunlight is good for you but it is free. Since sunlight makes people feel better and look better, more people are sunbathing now than 20 years ago. Since when is looking better and feeling better bad for health.

Decades ago these companies sold sun tan lotion and said it will help you tan, not burn with millions in advertising. Everyone used it and baked their skin under the sun with oil and butter that was in the lotion. Then they stopped selling it. Maybe they realized that they were hurting people and did not want to be sued.

But by saying that the sun hurt them, they had something else to blame.Now they want to make money by you using sunscreen. Studies show that it causes cancer. This will then cause you to be pale. Then since you look like you have not been out in the sun, they want you to spend money buying skin dyes and pills that will darken your skin so you will look like you got sun. Kevin Trudeau's book, Natural Cures, has sold ten million copies, making it the best selling health book ever!

Kevin Trudeau says in Natural Cures,"In the Natural Cures book I talk about the fact that the sun does not cause skin cancer. The sun is needed for life. If you do not spend time in the sun you will be sick. The sun is vital for health, longevity and to be disease free....Without sunlight you develop diseases including depression, lack of energy, poor sleep, poor digestion, weight gain, arthritis, constipation, bad breath, body odor, cancer, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, ADD, stress, headaches, susceptibility to colds, flus and viral infections, PMS, male erectile dysfunction, loss of sexual desire in women, infertility anxiety and more."


Chuck Bluestein, the author, is a bodybuilder, herbalist and a nutritionist. His website has information on cold remedies and flu remedies, advice for teen girls, fasting, <a href=" /" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">back pain and neck pain</a>, natural cures, pure water and <a href=" /" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">help for depression</a>.<br class="clear"><!--INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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