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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Skinny on Stretch Marks their Cellulite

Is cellulite keeping you from wearing those sexy shorts or that mini-skirt? Do you refrain from wearing swimsuits, for fear your cellulite will shine through?

Cellulite is a great frustration for many women. Out of desperation, many ladies turn to quick fixes such as creams, lotion, and potions that promise slimmer thighs in a matter of days.

Before you can eliminate the cellulite problem, you first have to identify what exactly it is.

Cellulite is a mass collection of fat deposits and toxins compacted beneath the skin, which has not been eliminated by the body.

Women are usually victims of this unsightly orange-peel and cottage cheese bulge can be on your arms, stomach, hips, thighs, buttocks, and other areas. Men can even have cellulite and it's usually located on their neck and stomach area.

So does that mean only those individuals overweight get cellulite? Not necessarily. Slim women and those in their ideal weight range can still develop this unsightly condition. While having excess weight will be a contributing factor for cellulite, it's not the resulting cause.

Fancy-smanchy cellulite creams on the market may help smooth the cellulite appearance temporarily, usually 8-24 hours, but these creams do not get to the source of the problem to get rid of cellulite.

Some Cellulite Busting Tactics

While banishing cellulite is not a one-shot approach, you can still have some success in diminishing it. Don't expect to be cellulite-free in a matter of days. You didn't develop the condition overnight and therefore it's going to take some time to reverse the problem.

Drink Up Drinking

Water is a great way to get your body working properly. Ninety percent of the people walking around are dehydrated. A dehydrated body cannot function as nature intended.

Water aids in digestion, circulations, flushing fat and toxins out, and usually the single most missing element in most people's diet.

Balanced Diet

Many people still have the no-fat mentality. Natural fat is absolutely essential for a healthy diet, mind, and body. Natural fat does not cause or contribute to cellulite. Natural fat is responsible for nutrient transportation and absorption, building hormones, and a whole host of other great functions. Trans fat is the enemy. Stay away from man-made fat if you want to beat cellulite.


No doubt, exercise is beneficial for getting rid of cellulite, as it increases circulation and builds lean muscle tissue. You should include both aerobic (cardiovascular) and anaerobic (resistance training) exercise into your daily life.


Detoxing your body can greatly help in the cellulite battle. You'd be absolutely amazed at the garbage that's trapped inside your cells and lodged in your fat stores. A good detox should include organic foods and filtered water. Avoid processed foods, colas, smoking and alcohol.

These are just a few of the basics to getting a step ahead of the cellulite game. If you are consistent and keep a healthy lifestyle, you can kick cellulite in its dimples and never have it return.


Karen Sessions has been in the fitness industry since 1988. She is a nationally qualified bodybuilder and holds two personal training certifications. She has written 6 ebooks on fitness and has helped hundreds of clients transform their bodie.The Skinny on Cellulite Click Here!

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