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Friday, December 9, 2011

How to Get rid of Skunk Smell on do

One of the hardest smells to get rid of is a skunk smell from the spray of a skunk. The smell is awful and can last for days and sometimes weeks depending on what got sprayed. If your dog gets sprayed it could take many days for the stench to dissipate.

The main key to removing skunk odor is speed. The quicker you wash what has been sprayed the better chance you have to remove the odor. When it comes to clothes and throw carpets you will want to get those in the washer as soon as possible, using a product to help remove odor and stains may help along with you regular laundry detergent. When a pet gets sprayed there are several home remedies that may work, the key is get the animal bathed as quickly as possible. When you find you are the one that has been sprayed get to the shower as fast as you can. Isolating the pet, person or item that has been sprayed is important in keeping the odor from spreading throughout your home. When you are using homemade remedies you have found or that have been recommended to you and they are not working you may want to try skunk odor removing products that are available to you.

When you find that the skunk odor has penetrated your carpet you may want to go rent that shampoo machine from the local grocery store. There are numerous products out there that will also clear up the skunk smell from your carpet and scent as well. When you already have to clean your carpets making sure your furniture is order free is easier with the carpet shampoo machine as well. Take the extra time to make sure all you can clean with these products is done so that your home is odor free.

Having to smell a skunk is bad enough let alone getting sprayed by one. When you know what to do and what your options are you will be prepared to eliminate skunk odor as quickly as possible. Home remedies may be a good solution to get rid of the skunk smell, on your and your pets. Keeping away from the skunks may not be easy but with all the information and products you need cleaning up after you have been sprayed may be a little easier.

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